So that you can always be sure of your and your family’s safety.

Insurance protection and investment in a single contract.
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What do the Allianz Care Programs include?

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Optional supplementary life, accident and health insurance
Service-financing health insurance
One contract can include multiple insured persons (maximum 10)
16 types of asset funds for the top-up premiums
Investment strategies (yield-monitoring services, fix ratios of asset funds)
No-claim bonus credited to the contract every 5 years
Whole life contract
Regular premium
Top-up premium
Choose supplementary insurance for multiple insured persons, and we give you an 8% discount from the monthly fee of supplementary insurance for the second and all subsequent persons. If you choose a higher amount or multiple supplementary insurance coveragesfor some insured persons then we increase the insurance benefit (by 5% or 10%), depending on the total fee of these supplementary insurances.

Allianz Care Programs - simple claim reporting!

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Allianz Care Programs - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you wish to have the advantages of the no-claim bonus, then choose the Allianz Care Program Plus contract.  If you choose the Allianz Care Program Plus, and no incident happens to you and your family member involved in the insurance, and, therefore, the insurer does not provide you with any benefit then Allianz credits a no-claim bonus to your unit account after the first 5 years, i.e. it increases your investment amount with the amount determined in advance in the contract terms and conditions. The minimum monthly premium of the Allianz Care Program Plus life insurance is HUF 8,000, including the premiums for all insured persons. 
With support from our consultants, you can, by taking the specified coverages into account, define your specific insurance protection. The supplementary life insurance must be selected for the main insured person of the Allianz Care Programs. You can choose all further life, accident and health insurance coverages in the contract. For the short description of the supplementary insurance coverages, please click here.

You can choose the ones best fitting you from our wide asset fund range to realise your investment plans for the top-up premium. The Allianz Care Programs offer multiple asset funds that can be chosen separately and include all the common fund types. To make your choice simple, you can also choose from our predefined portfolios.

The asset fund of your choice depends on your willingness to take risks. You, as the Policyholder, are entitled to choose between the asset funds. You, as the Policyholder also bear the investment risk.

The Allianz Care Programs (Allianz Care Program and Allianz Care Program Plus) are not the right insurance products for you in the following cases:

  • If you wish to have insurance protection for yourself and your family using conventional insurance.
  • If you do not wish to pay top-up premiums during the contract term and to bear the risk of investing the top-up premium.
  • If you are especially looking for an investment solution without insurance protection.
  • The Care Program Plus contract is not recommended for insurance goals with a timespan shorter than 5 years.

Bank account for premium payment: OTP Bank Nyrt: 11794008-21349434-00000000

If you require further information, please contact your consultant or call any of the following telephone numbers; our colleagues are at your disposal: +36 (1/20/30/70) 421-1-421.


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