Allianz Retail Construction and Renovation insurance consists of basic property and liability insurance and optional add-ons.

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Fire and natural disaster (basic insurance)
Burglary and robbery insurance
General liability insurance
Vandalism against buildings insurance
Inland cargo insurance

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Allianz Retail Construction and Renovation insurance – quick and easy claim reporting

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Insure the assets and tools of your construction and repair activities
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Be protected against damage
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You can count on us in unexpected situations

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Allianz Construction and Renovation - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In the all risks-type basic insurance, all the property related to construction and repair activities can be insured against damage that occurs accidentally in an unforeseeable way and that is not excluded from the insurance coverage.
The owner of the real estate, the investor or the contractor of the construction and repair work carried out in the real estate and the subcontractors and builders specified in the offer.
We also offer the product for those who are obliged by their financing institution to take out insurance for the duration of the construction to ensure the disbursement of their bank loan.

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