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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Because it has high service content, a wide range of basic and supplementary insurance coverage and customer-friendly claims settlement. Our insurance is consumer-friendly home insurance certified by the  Hungarian National Bank.

Building insurance – Permanently inhabited detached houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, flats can be insured and structures not indicated separately in the policy (e.g. pavement, fence, gate, car park). Outbuildings, like garage, barn, pigsty or storage building can be insured together with the main building. Insurance for the building covers, among other things, solar panels, solar collectors and heat pumps.

Movables – Household movables can be insured (household equipment, appliances, television, computer and other telecommunication equipment, clothes, furniture, books, instruments, kitchen appliances etc.) 

Base package is a necessary element of every contract, it contains the most common elemental damages and basic risks, it covers damages caused by fire or smoke and dust, damage caused by weather e.g. windstorm, downpour or lightning. Basic risks include coverage for burglary, sneak theft, glass breakage even liability insurance in addition to roof leakage, compensation for loss due to escape of water. For all coverages of the Base package please visit our webpage.

 Base package cover value-preserving assets up to 200 000 HUF. Values above this covered in the Valuables supplementary insurance.

Considered as valuables:

  • precious metals, jewellery, precious stones,
  • antique furniture and antique objects, pieces of art,
  • fur, carpets, special textiles,
  • collections.
The policy can only be concluded in case of permanently inhabited properties.  The property is considered as permanently inhabited if the insured person as an active worker leaves for work from the property and goes back there after work, as a passive worker (e.g. on maternity leave or unemployed) or retired person relaxes and sleeps there.
Policyholder can be a natural person who interested in securing the asset or concluding the contract to the benefit of such interested person.

In addition to the Base Package, you can choose from both personal insurances and supplementary insurances.

Personal insurance - accident insurance, family life insurance

Valuables - cash or valuables supplementary insurance

Other assets - special glass, theft of building accessories, graffiti, garden furniture, garden ornamentals, live plant cultures supplementary insurance, and unblocking of drains.

Family life insurance and accident insurance are available as supplementary insurances. Life insurance covers the person who named in the insurance policy as an insured person, as well as his or her spouse living with him or her in the place of risk of the property insurance and his or her close relative living in the same household up to the age of 85. Accident insurance policyholders are the same as property insurance policyholders.

The insured person under the property insurance will be a person who has the interest of securing the property and

a)       who is

•         an owner and co-owner(s)

•         a tenant and co-tenant(s)

•         a beneficiary

of the real property specified in the policy by the policyholder with a full address (land register reference number)

b)      who is a relative permanently living in the same household with the insured person indicated in section a) in the place of risk coverage,

c)       in the event that the insured person indicated in section a) does not permanently live in the place of risk coverage but a close relative does then such close relative will also be qualified as an insured person.

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