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What does retirement insurance include?

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Tax credit on the paid premiums
The retirement insurance benefit is a fixed-term annuity
Target-date asset funds
Investment option: You can choose from 22 different asset funds
Investment strategies (yield-monitoring services, fix ratios of asset funds)
Optional supplementary life, accident and health insurance
Service-financing health insurance
One contract can include multiple insured persons (maximum 10)
Loyalty bonus credited to the contract every year
Duration: whole life contract that can be kept in force even after the pension benefit
Saving period (set optionally within the term according to the purpose of saving)
at least 5 years
at least 10 years
Regular premium
Top-up premium
Choose supplementary insurance for multiple insured persons, and we give you an 8% discount from the monthly fee of supplementary insurance for the second and all subsequent persons. If you choose a higher amount or multiple supplementary insurance coveragesfor some insured persons then we increase the insurance benefit (by 5% or 10%), depending on the total fee of these supplementary insurances.

Allianz Pension insurance - simple claim reporting!

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Report your claim for benefit
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Submit the necessary documents either by post or in person
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We will reply to your claim soon

Would you like to request information on the settlement of an ongoing benefit claim of yours?

Retirement Insurance - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Anybody who has not reached the age limit in the contract terms and conditions (65 years for Allianz Life Program and Single Premium Allianz Life Program; 55 years for Allianz Bonus Life Program) yet and has not received an entitlement to pension payment in his/her own right and has not reached the retirement age applicable to him/her.

Retirement insurance can help you to secure carefree retirement years by providing retirement insurance benefits in case of the following insured events.

If the insured person

-          receives an entitlement to pension payment in his or her own right (i.e. he or she retires) according to the law on social security pension, or

-          suffers health deterioration to an extent of at least 40%, provided that the health-related harm of the main insured person did not reach an extent of 40% at the time the retirement insurance contract came into existence, or

reaches the retirement age applicable to him/her at the time the retirement insurance contract came into existence.

If 10 years pass between contract conclusion and annuity payment, the term is optional; if the time between the two events is less than 10 years then you can choose a minimum 10-year benefit.

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