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PPA – Money Market HUF fund
ÁGA - Government (hungarian) bond fund
Available only for contracts concluded before 31 December 2016
MRA – Hungarian Stock fund
MKA – Hungarian Bond fund
EKA – European Bond fund
EKE – European Bond EUR fund
BKE – Secure Bond EUR fund
ERA – European Stock fund
ERE – European Stock EUR fund
NIA – International Real Estate fund
csak a 2016. december 31. előtt létrejött szerződésekre választható
VRA – World Economy Stock fund
VRE – World Economy Stock EUR fund
ORA - Central and Eastern Europe Stock fund
KRA – China and Far East Stock fund
IPA – Industrial Raw Materials Stock fund
KTA – Environmentally Conscious Stock fund
DMA – Demographics Stock fund
BRA - BRIC Stock fund
BRE - BRIC Stock EUR fund
FRE - Sustainable Growth Stock EUR fund
AMA – Allianz Managed fund
PEA – Money Market EUR fund
NPE – International Money Market EUR fund
CDA - Target Date 2025 Mixed fund
CDB - Target Date 2030 Mixed fund
CDC - Target Date 2035 Mixed fund
CEC - Target Date 2035 Mixed EUR fund
CDD - Target Date 2040 Mixed fund
CED - Target Date 2040 Mixed EUR fund
CDE - Target Date 2045 Mixed fund
CEE - Target Date 2045 Mixed EUR fund
CDF - Target Date 2050 Mixed fund
CDG - Target Date 2055 Mixed fund
AKA – Active Managed Balanced fund
AKE - Active Managed Balanced EUR fund
AHA - Active Managed Yield-seeking fund
AHE - Active Managed Yield-seeking EUR fund
You can learn about the composition of asset funds on this site.

Investment strategies

Our yield-monitoring services monitor the movements of the prices of the asset funds available with the contract and sends you a notification if the conditions you have set apply.

You can set whether you wanted to be notified of the percentage changes on the extent of price changes or you can set a specific minimum or maximum level and receive notification if the asset fund reaches that level. In order to react quickly to price changes, automatic conversion while monitoring negative price changes is also an option, which, once the threshold is reached, orders conversion to switch the units of the asset fund into a secure asset fund to protect your investments.

The Yield-monitoring services can also notify you of price increases so that you can decide on the best investment opportunities for you.

If you wish that your investments always develop, despite the constant price changes, according to the investment policy set by you for the paid premiums, you can request the continuous revision and adjustment of the relative proportions of the asset funds specified by you (regular determination of the proportion of asset funds). Based on your instruction, the insurer automatically switches your investments in the proportion you have set for the investment of the payable premiums on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

How can you change your investments?

You can do that easily on our Client Portal interface if you have a Client Portal contract. We implement your investment conversion (switch) request free of charge.

You don’t have a Client Portal account yet? Contact your insurance intermediary or visit an Allianz client relations office, where our colleagues will be at your disposal.


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