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Car insurance just got a lot easier

You can quickly and easily choose the package that best suits you from our 4 motor insurance packages.
who would like to insure their vehicle quickly and simply according to their needs, against unexpected events such as simple technical breakdowns, natural disasters, theft or breakage.

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Basic package including motor third-party liability insurance (MTPL) and other services
Includes a wider range of services that also cover losses caused by unavoidable events
A package that provides further insurance coverage for partly avoidable events as well
The most comprehensive protection covering losses caused by you, as well as losses arising from unexpected events
Motor third-party liability insurance (MTPL)
Legal support
Roadside assistance (basic)
Personal accident coverage (basic)
Natural Catastrophes
Fire and explosion
Animal collision
Roadside assistance (extended)
Personal accident coverage (extended)
Gap insurance

Are you interested in how to take out the Allianz MyCar motor insuracne?

Allianz MyCar motor insurance – with a quick and easy process to report claims

woman talking on a phone next to a car
You can report your claims online, on the phone or, in the case of casco coverages, also at our contracted repair partners.
woman watching her car get towed
In case of casco, you can choose claim settlement in cash, or you can select one of our contracted repairer partners or another service station.
woman working on a computer
Follow the process on your personal claim tracking page.

Do you need insurance for other type of vehicle instead of passenger car? 

Would you like to report a claim or request information on a claim settlement in progress?

MyCar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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