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we kindly ask you to read carefully the following before taking out travel insurance. If you need any help, please contact the 24/7 Allianz Travel Assistance on +36 (1) 237 2333.

Allianz travel insurances cover:

·         being infected with the coronavirus up to the limit defined by the selected travel insurance. You can get more information here.

·         being infected with any virus up to the limit defined by the selected travel insurance.

Allianz travel insurances are not valid in the following areas:

·         the territory of Russia and Belerus,

·         the territory of Ukraine,

·         any territories that are not recommended as travel destinations by the Consular Services of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Further information is available in the Insurance Product Information Document and the Terms and Conditions. 

  • For holidays, sports activities, studying and working abroad
  • Cover for Europe, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco with no surcharge
  • For a surcharge, you can have cover for many more countries in the world
  • You can get it online, even 2 hours before your trip
  • 50% discount for kids under 18
  • 10% online discount on the, further 15% discount within our Loyalty Program

What are the main services contained in Allianz travel insurance products?

This information is not comprehensive; the services are governed by the contract terms and conditions in Hungarian.

 This table of benefits is only for information. Regarding the services the Terms and Conditions in Hungarian apply.

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Emergency care due to illness or accident
Emergency care due to infection of any virus (e.g. COVID)
Patient transport to Hungary
Theft, robbery and accidental damage of luggage
Accidental death
Permanent damage to health from an accident
Extended stay due to hospitalization
Legal procedure in the event of personal injury accidents
Lawyer and bail in the event of criminal proceedings
Delayed or cancelled flight
Delayed or cancelled bus and train
Delayed baggage
Emergency care if injury caused to another person
Damage caused to the accommodation
Extended stay due to ambulant treatment
Shortened stay due to a natural disaster
Missed flight due to delayed connecting flight
Cancelled program due to emergency care
Vehicle transport to Hungary due to emergency care
Emergency care for pets
Travel expenses in case of cancelled flight

How can you get cheaper Allianz travel insurance?

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Allianz Travel Insurance—quick and easy
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Report your damage by telephone from abroad
After returning to Hungary, submit the necessary documents either by post, in person or online
We will reply to you soon, either by email or post

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Allianz Travel Insurance—Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following Allianz Travel Insurance products are available on For the details of our products, please visit this  page, or you can get more information from the Terms and Conditions in Hungarian.

  • Útitárs travel insurance. We recommend this type of insurance to everyone planning to visit a city abroad or go on summer holiday abroad with their family, friends or even alone, or to travel abroad for studying or working.
  • Téli Sportok travel insurance. We recommend this type of insurance to winter sports lovers who prefer doing winter sports on designated courses. Beyond skiing and snowboarding, you can get it for many other winter sports.
  • Extrém Sportok travel insurance. We recommend this type of insurance to adventure-seekers who choose extreme sports or off-piste winter sports for recreation.
  • Útitárs XL travel insurance. We recommend this type of insurance to those who plan to stay longer abroad as tourists or as workers or students and are still below the age of 70.
  • Útitárs Bérlet travel insurance. We recommend this type of insurance to those who travel in Europe several times a year but never longer than 30 days and are still below the age of 70.
  • Autó Assistance supplementary travel insurance. We recommend this type of supplementary insurance (roadside assistance) to those who hit the road by car or motorbike that is no more than 15 years old.


You can take out the following Allianz travel insurance products for a minimum of 1 day and maximum of 90 days.

  • Útitárs travel insurance
  • Téli Sportok travel insurance
  • Extrém Sportok travel insurance

You can take out the following Allianz travel insurance products for a minimum of 4 months and maximum of 12 months.

  • Útitárs XL travel insurance (you can even stay abroad for 12 months)
  • Útitárs Bérlet travel insurance (for a maximum of 30 days per trip abroad)

You can get the following Allianz travel insurance only in combination with one of the above travel insurance products and for the insurance period of the combined travel insurance (for 1-90 days or 4-12 months).

  • Autó Assistance supplemental travel insurance

Allianz travel insurance may include the following services depending on the insurance package chosen.

  • 24-hour phone service that you can call from any country of the world.
  • Health insurance for the costs incurred due to an accident or an unforeseen illness (includes being infected by any virus), for example in the event of emergency care, we reimburse the costs of medical examination, outpatient and inpatient care and transport by ambulance.
  • Healthcare assistance service, which includes information on emergency care options and organising patient transport back to Hungary.
  • Accident insurance, in which we give a lump-sum benefit in the event of accidental death or permanent damage to health.
  • Luggage insurance, which covers the theft, robbery of property taken abroad or accidental damage in case of personal injury or damage due to natural disaster.
  • Travel assistance services, which cover, among others, delayed baggage, delayed or cancelled flight, travel expenses in case of extended stay abroad due to emergency care or quarantine, and shortened stay due to natural disaster.
  • Legal protection insurance, which includes the reimbursement of lawyers’ fees and bail in the event of unintentional offences or crimes, as well as personal injury accidents.
  • Liability insurance, which covers the costs of emergency care in the event of causing bodily injury in an accident and the costs incurred in case of causing damage to an accommodation.

The services can vary depending on the type of travel insurance you choose. This information is not comprehensive, detailed information is included in the Terms and Conditions in Hungarian.

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