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Allianz Life Programs provide support in purposefully preparing for the future and provide customised and freely and flexibly shapeable solutions to achieve the goals. Preparation for the future has two basic poles. One must profitably invest one’s savings as well as prepare for unforeseeable events. The Life Programs offer competitive solutions for both poles.
The Allianz Care Programs assist you in preparing for unexpected events such as accidents or unforeseeable tragedies, in case of which the persons specified by you receive financial support. Additionally, you can increase your savings by paying top-up premiums.
Clients of the Hungária Fund life insurance can invest their savings in four asset funds.
„Stability” Government Securities and Bond Fund, that primarily invests in securities backed by the Hungarian State; „Profit” Stock Fund, that primarily invests in high-liquidity stocks that are listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange and have good growth and profitability outlooks; 
The „Balance” Investment Certificate Fund's aim is to choose between a growing number of investment funds with different investment policies instead of the client and to reach balanced yields; 
The „Alloy” Mixed Fund combines the best features of the above three asset funds. Its investment policy focuses on growing the invested capital in the long run and to reach yields that considerably exceed the inflation rate.
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YieldMax is a single-premium life insurance with a 10-year term. We announce a yield for a predefined term and guarantee to credit the yield to the contract every month. The yield is announced for a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 calendar months. The announced yields are disclosed on the Documents page of our website.

Yield Plus guarantees secure investment to its clients by a yield guaranteed quarterly in advance, which makes our offer not only a secure but also a predictable investment.

Yield Plus interest rates until 30 June 2023:

Annual interest rate for lump sum benefit: 13.90% 

Annual interest rate for annuity benefit: 14,40%